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Spirent TestCenter Automation Programmer's Reference (5.19)


The Spirent TestCenter Automation Programmers' Reference provides information about the Spirent TestCenter Automation API syntax and functions (see table of  contents below). It also provides descriptions of how to use the API along with examples of creating and running test configurations. The Programmer's Reference is intended for users who want to use the API to perform tests using the features of one of the packages (such as the Multicast base package or the RFC 2544 test package).

The Spirent TestCenter API supports a rich hierarchical object oriented model for control of the SpirentTestCenter system. The object hierarchy is a tree structure with the root of the tree anchored at the "system1" object. Objects can be manipulated through a small set of commands and are referred to by system generated handles. Object handles are valid throughout the lifetime of the object (until the object or its parent is destroyed).
Automation for Spirent TestCenter Virtual
If you are using automation together with virtual Spirent TestCenter ports, you should read Spirent TestCenter (BLL) Virtual Licensing (DOC10638). This PDF is installed with other Spirent TestCenter PDF user documentation. You can also type the title or DOC number into the search box on the Knowledge Base to locate the document.

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2  API Syntax
Chapter 3  Spirent TestCenter Automation API Functions
Chapter 4  REST API Functions
Chapter 5  Script Template
Chapter 6  Chassis Management
Chapter 7  Test Configuration
Chapter 8  Command Sequencer
Chapter 9  Results
Chapter 10  Output File Locations
Chapter 11  Stream Modifiers
Chapter 12  Packet Generator and Analyzer
Chapter 13  Protocols
Chapter 14  PPPoX
Chapter 15  Unicast Routing – BGP
Chapter 16  Unicast Routing – OSPF
Chapter 17  IPTV
Chapter 18  Spirent TestCenter LS
Chapter 19  Perl API
Chapter 20  Ruby API
Chapter 21  C++ API
Chapter 22  Java API
Chapter 23  Python API
Chapter 24  C# API
Addendum: API Navigator 
Addenbum: TestCenter IQ API addendum 


Perl API, Ruby API, C++ API, Java API, Python API, API functions


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Spirent TestCenter Automation Programmer's Reference (5.19)

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