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Spirent TestCenter Help


Spirent TestCenter is an end-to-end testing solution that delivers high performance with deterministic results. Service providers, NEMs and enterprises can use it to test, measure and assure their networks and deploy services with confidence. Spirent TestCenter is fully interactive: Control and data plane parameters can be changed dynamically, and real-time feedback can be received. All tests can be saved as configuration files for simplified test automation.

Spirent TestCenter provides measurement solutions for next generation networks—from traditional performance testing to the rigorous analysis of Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Mobile Backhaul, and High Speed Ethernet.

Online Help

Context-sensitive online Help is included in your Spirent TestCenter installation.

For your convenience, the current Help file is also available as part of the Knowledge Base. This stand-alone Help file is fully functional. Use the Table of Contents to navigate through the file, or click the Search tab and enter a search string to find the information you need.

Launch Spirent TestCenter 5.25 Online Help

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Spirent TestCenter Help
Spirent TestCenter Online Help
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