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HMC IP Middleware Compliance Test Pack Release Notes

The HMC IP Middleware Compliance Test Pack is an implementation of the HMC IP Middleware Compliance Test Specification. It consists of different protocol conformance test suites for Automotive Ethernet running on Spirent C1 and C50 devices supporting multiple Ethernet media types. 
This solution enables the Hyundai Motor Company supplier ecosystem to validate products that will go into use on HMC platforms. All test suites are prepared for full test automation via AUTOSAR Testability Protocol and Service Primitives (test stubs) and include frameworks for individual adaptation. Users are able to customize test scenarios, for instance to modify or exclude test stub activities, or to add negative testing, etc.

Included Test Suites
  • TTsuite-HMC-IP-ARP
  • TTsuite-HMC-IP-IPv4
  • TTsuite-HMC-IP-ICMPv4
  • TTsuite-HMC-IP-TCP
  • TTsuite-HMC-IP-UDP
  • TTsuite-HMC-EthNM
  • TTsuite-HMC-DoIP
  • TTsuite-HMC-EthCC
  • TTsuite-HMC-EthDiag
  • TTsuite-HMC-EthTP
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