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Spirent TestCenter Release Notes (5.19)


This release notes document is for the latest Spirent TestCenter software base packages, test packages, and hardware. Click the attached PDF to open the release notes.
The following is a partial list of new content that is being introduced as part of this release.
The New Features document includes detailed descriptions of each new feature and many helpful GUI screen captures. 

400G platform

  • Additional NRZ speeds of 200G, 25G and 10G on the following models
    • Test modules: PX3-400GS-T2, DX3-400GS-T2, PX3-QSFP-DD-2 and DX3-QSFP-DD-2
    • Appliances:PX3-QSFP-DD-8 and DX3-QSFP-DD-8
NoteAN/LT are not yet supported on these NRZ speeds
  • Extend XStream mode feature to 4x100G mode on PX3 400G appliances
  • Spirent XStream Mode: 100G Enhanced Data Performance and Protocol Scale 
100G platform
  • PX3-QSFP28-12​: Routing Scaling Enhancement for LAG
    • Added MR-VFD support 
    • Added Raw Stream support
  • VxLAN EVPN Overlay Wizard
    • Enhancement: automatically select VNI type in the EVPN IP Prefix Route to match the VNI Type selected for traffic to reduce the chance of configuration errors. 
  • ISIS LSP Generator Wizard 
    • Add support for SRv6
    • With SRv6, options to Enable Flex Algorithm and configure Algorithm List are available
  • Added BGP-LS topology viewer
    • Only supports up to 20 notes/routers and 100 links in the topology
    • Only supported in Chrome web browser
  • Added support for PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) LCP (Link Control Protocol) vendor specific packets and options. 
  • Added support for 4096 device blocks per port group for emulated IPv4/IPv6/Dual Stack PPPoE clients.
Spirent TestCenter AION Licensing
  • New Spirent AION hardware perpetual licensing model for bandwidth, protocol scale, software bundle entitlements, and on the DX and FX-class hardware modules.  
  • Added VLAN encapsulation support for PTP and gPTP protocols
    • Maximum of 3 VLAN headers
    • Users can configure VLAN ID, VLAN Priority, and VLAN Type
  • Added support for PTP time synchronization in 5G fronthaul
    • Requires BPK-1155 in addition to O-RAN and eCPRI licenses
Spirent TestCenter IQ
  • Added High Resolution Port Sampling view 
    • To support granular analysis of real-time result
  • Added chart views to display high resolution sampling data
RFC 8239 DataCenter Benchmarking
  • Add Microburst test
      • To find the maximum packet burst the DUT can withstand under different configurations. ​
Enhanced L4-7
  • Enhancement to Raw TCP support
  • Test Data Size and Traffic Direction parameters are supported in Raw TCP Settings Dialog

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Spirent TestCenter Release Notes (5.19)

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