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Spirent Customer Service Center (CSC): Where can I access the download section for software and firmware updates and other product related downloads on the CSC?


The Spirent Customer Service Center, or CSC, available at


The Spirent Customer Service Center offers a wide variety of downloads, including the latest software and firmware updates for your Spirent products, along with related files such as configuration files and related utilities and tools. Please note that downloads are only available to users that login to the CSC. Once you have signed in, a "Downloads" tab will appear for most users. If you don't see the downloads tab, you either may not have access or need to get your access setup properly (open a service request with Spirent to ask to get this fixed, but note that it's our standard policy to offer download access to current Spirent customers-- if you're not yet a Spirent customer, talk to our friendly sales folks).

Click the Downloads tab to go to the downloads section. We've made the downloads quick and easy to use, but also offer tips to optimize your downloads use (Note: you must be signed in to the CSC to view this article). If you need a CSC account and your company has a valid support contract with Spirent, sign up for a new account.

When downloading, we recommend paying attention to the versions-- customers that do not have a current active support agreement with Spirent may not be able to successfully install and use the newest versions (this varies by product). To sign-up or for more information, speak with your Spirent sales representative or contact us.

Note that some of our downloads are very large. We offer a Spirent Download Manager that may help improve the download performance, sometimes dramatically. It works for any site, and also supports resuming downloads that fail halfway. It's free to anyone and GPL open source. Learn more and download.