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Spirent Customer Service Center (CSC): How do I keep track of and manage the support cases (also known as service requests, or SRs) I have with Spirent?

Spirent Customer Service Center at

The Spirent Customer Service Center offers our customers a way to keep track of and manage the Support Cases (also known as service requests, or SRs) they have with Spirent Support Services. We need to know who you are to begin, so be sure to log in first. After signing in, extra tabs will usually appear to the left (there are several types of CSC accounts, each offering differing levels of access to various functions). The tab that brings you to your current SRs is titled "Cases", and looks like a bell.

Icon for Cases Tab

This tab brings up a table containing all the SRs you've worked on with Spirent. The table defaults to sorting SRs by case number, but you can click on other column headers to sort by that column.

Note that for folks that have access to their cases, a list of recent cases also appears on the home page of the CSC after you Login.

Note: if you have an issue or question for support, follow these easy steps to open a new Case with Spirent Support Services.