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Spirent Customer Service Center: Where do I sign up for a new user account on the CSC?

The Spirent Customer Service Center at

Customers that want to open a new CSC user account must have a valid email address, preferably your business email address (read more on what signing in offers you). The link to signup for new users is found by clicking Sign Up on the Home tab.


Please note that some new users may go through an approval process, which is usually within one business hour, but can take as long as 10 business hours. This approval process is to verify that a new user has a current support contract with Spirent. If you don't have a current Spirent Support Services contract, contact your Spirent salesperson, if you know him/her, or you can contact us using our portal.

As a new user, we recommend reading about what's new in the Spirent CSC, reading through things you can do on the CSC, and taking advantage of these search tips and tricks.