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Spirent TestCenter - TestCenter IQ - Unable to delete queued reports

STC version is: 5.18

When trying to generate a new .pdf report from a test result in TestCenter IQ, this report goes to the queue and seems that first it needs to wait for the other reports to be created / removed from this queue. However when clicking on the delete icon (X) or the refresh icon (circling arrow), the window does not respond:

This was seen in a single PC.

Actions done:

•    Restarted postgresql-x64-10 service
•    Tried on Firefox and the issue is also seen
•    Cleared browsing data from Google Chrome and re-launch it, same result.
•    Reset Google Chrome to a default state
•    Have exported results and imported again in results Library, same issue.

Spirent TestCenter
  • Version 5.18
Issue resolved by customer after server remove Chrome completely and install it in correct directory with 64 bit version.

Root Cause
Corrupted Google Chrome installation.

Product : TestCenterIQ / Magellan