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Spirent TestCenter: 400G Appliances - Double-click Break Link causes link to stay down

Starting in 5.11 release, when you hit "Break link" once the "Break Link" button stays "clickable" for 2 seconds before turned grayed out, if by an error you click it again - Like a double click (I did it by error) then, when doing a Restore Link, the link took too long to comes up again. And sometimes the link LED remains RED and link doesn't come up until you bring the ports offline and online

Same issue seen in all speeds on 400G cards/appliances (DX3-QSFP-DD-8-750A)
  • 5.11 Release
  • Spirent TestCenter
  • DX3-QSFP-DD-8-750A
  • All speeds
  • Break Link
  • Restore Link
  • Link down
  • Link issues

Steps to reproduce:
  1. Reserve a port from a 400G appliance on 5.11
  2. Then double click the 'Break Link' button
  3. Click the 'Restore link' button
  4. port links (b2b) stay red and not coming up (maybe take a long time but too long for normal users to wait)
  5. To bring the link back green, release and reserve back the ports.
  6. If in step #1, user only single-click the 'Break Link' button, then no issue.
  • BUG
  • The issue started in 5.11 on 400G card - DX3-QSFP-DD-8-750A
  • Then we tested the same card in 5.18 and the issue seems to be gone only on this card
  • But 400G appliance (groot nebula) shows the same issue in 5.18
  • Then, we tested 400G appliance (Groot Nebula) on 5.23 and the issue seems to be gone
  • CR-01450945
  • Subject: [Mantis] [FALCON] - Double-click Break Link causes link to stay down
  • Date/Time Opened: 02/Jul/20 8:25 AM
  • Date/Time Closed: 7/29/21
  • Target Release: NA
Root Cause
  • BUG due to link response was slower than other modules. Once link status is admin down, the break link button is grayed out.

Product : Spirent TestCenter,Link OAM