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Spirent TestCenter: Setup Multicast Traffic simulating host and router on the STC


I need assistance on setting up the Spirent Test center for generating multicast traffic.  Previously, our configuration was a bit simpler  with the STC simulating just a device and directly connected to a DUT.

We are now simulating host and router on the STC and I'm not quite sure how to setup the STC configuration for multicast. The source is host1 and the receiver is host2. I'm setting up IGMP on receiver(host2) and pim-sm on both router1 and router2.

Here is what we have on each side.

DUT1(PE) and DUT2(PE) are provider edge routers with the first one acting as the RP.  We are running BGP and PIM between the PE's and CPE's and hosts. Setup IGMP on the receiver host.
  • Spirent TestCenter
  • Multicast
  • PIM

As per the diagrams shared above, there is no much we can do within a STC port to have Host devices “behind” a CPE to work as in a real network when IGMP (in host’s sides) and PIM (in CPE) are involved.

And this is because there is no real communication between devices blocks (meaning between Host and CPE on the same port), so, because of this, the CPE is not really “intercepting” the IGMP messages the host(s) is sending to send PIM joins to the PE (RP), instead, the Spirent TestCenter port is going to send out the IGMP traffic directly to the PE, which is not what you are trying to accomplish here.

So far, all we can do is to make PIM work on the STC CPE device, what you need to do is as follows:

1.    Enable PIM technologies (Using Technologies button at the toolbar in the GUI)
2.    Enable PIM for that device (CPE)
3.    Then, under Edit Groups/Maps you will need to:
a.    “Add” a group (*,G) and select the Multicast Group (You should have created this mcast group before, under Multicast Group section (Left side panel on the GUI)
b.    Specify the RP’s IP address

4.    Then, if you start the device (PIM), and having PIM configuration on the DUT in place, it will be shown as “Neighbor”, and then you can validate on the PE side (show ip pim neighbor), they both are neighbors

Product : Spirent TestCenter,Multicast