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Velocity 7.2 - Now Available!


Velocity 7.2 Release Highlights
Velocity is a key component of Spirent’s differentiated, full function Lab as a Service platform (LaaS).  LaaS
ensures the lab resources needed by developers, testers, pre- and post-sales support teams and any other lab
user are available predictably and remotely in an on-demand basis. Just as importantly, Velocity provides
actionable management information to executives regarding resource utilization and engineering efficiency. 

For the first time, iTest functionality is now introduced into Velocity. This is called Interactive Workflow
Automation (IWA).  With IWA users record testing or troubleshooting steps and run interactive automation all
within a Velocity reservation. These are known as IWA sessions. IWA sessions seamlessly consume QuickCall
keywords built in iTest to further accelerate the automation development process.

Velocity now also supports VMware cloud orchestration (in addition to OpenStack). This opens new opportunities
for VNF deployment and testing within LaaS platform users that employ VMware. With Single Sign On, Velocity
now fits into corporate networks more easily and securely.
New Powerful Interactive Workflow Automation (IWA) License
Perform interactive testing and/or reproduce customer defects by connecting via Velocity to devices in a topology.  Run SSH or Telnet commands and/or sequence with QuickCall keyword automation. Streamline environment configuration and troubleshooting by easily sharing interactive device captures with colleagues or customers to efficiently convey the steps needed to reproduce or to show evidence of interactive testing.  
Extending Cloud Environments with VMware Orchestration
Velocity’s Virtual capabilities are now extended to include deploying and managing virtual resources in VMware vSphere. Velocity users can now deploy testbeds on VMware.  By enabling users to instantiate on-demand Physical, Virtual, or Hybrid test or development environments in minutes or seconds versus days, dramatically improves end user's efficiency of testing/validating VNFs, NFVi or SDN.  Administrators can efficiently manage both physical and virtual infrastructure to lower CapEx costs and maximize usage (OpEx savings).
Single Sign On
Velocity now integrates more cleanly within Enterprise customers’ IT ecosystems. Users now need only use their standard corporate identity (user name and password) to log into Velocity. Multiple LDAP directories are supported as well.  That enables partners or external users to be provided network access while remaining isolated from other users or off-limits applications.
New Conflict Resolution Workflow
This new workflow enables management to reallocate resources as needed to satisfy development or customer priorities. It increases user flexibility and usability by enabling reservations to be extended when required environment resources are conflicting with other user reservations.
More FREE Developer Resources
Spirent now provides the Developer Community GitHub site.  Get your projects off the ground even faster now! You’ll find Velocity drivers, dashboards, startup/teardown and triggered automation tasks.
Additional Resources
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