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Spirent Landslide 18.2 Release Available For Download


Landslide 18.2 is now available for download on the Spirent customer support website.

The race to deploy 5G standalone networks is on for Carriers and their eco-system providers.  A critical piece of the 5G puzzle isn’t 5G at all, it’s what happens when customers move out of 5G coverage.  Ensuring seamless mobility both 5G to 5G and 5G to 4G and back to 5G is critical for service continuity and customer experience.
Landslide release 18.2 completes the 5G to 4G and back to 5G cycle after an EPS Fallback with support of the N26 interface.  Key emergency services functions are also added. The platform team has also been hard at work adding support for another Landslide first, the 100GbE with an all-new 2-port module for the C100-M4.
Finally, Landslide 18.2 continues to expand its feature set in other key areas of mobile network testing. These enhancements include: MCPTT enhancements, TUAK Authentication algorithm and persistent connections for Fireball TCP & HTTP data.

Get all the details - Landslide 18.2 Release
True 5G Test Cases
R18.2 is the eighth Landslide release with True 5G (SA) Core test cases. New use cases include: 
  • IPSec data support
  • 4G to 5G Handover (with N26 support) after EPS Fallback
  • Mobility Registration Updates
  • UE Registration to receive Emergency Services
  • VoNR 911 calls with LPP (LTE Positioning Protocol)
  • UE Capability Match procedure
  • 5G SBI Message editor support for the NRF interface
  • CHF Node testing and emulation
  • N8 (UDM) interface support on emulated AMF Node in SMF Nodal
  • Support for Nnrf interface in SMF Nodal and SMF Node
  • Additional N2 procedures for untrusted non-3GPP Access including UE context release, CN-initiated selective deactivation, and UE/Network requested PDU session modification
Additional functionality will be added continuously over the next few releases including N2 Mobility over N14, 5G VoNR to VoWiFi (ePDG) handover and new SBA nodes e.g. LMF.
Landslide continues its expansion in IMS/Voice over New Radio testing, while maintaining the unparalleled voice and video over LTE testing capabilities. Landslide 18.2 introduces:
  • MB2-U and MB2-C interfaces for MCPTT
  • XML Message Body Editor in the SIP Message Editor
  • TUAK authentication algorithm for SIP Authentication 
4G/4.5G Core Enhancments
Landslide 18.2 upgrades its 4G Core testing capabilities with these new use cases:  
  • MME Pooling for intra-MME mobility test scenarios
  • Fireball HTTP & TCP - persistent connection support
  • HTTP External App now captures images of fully loaded websites to the results
New 100G Interface
Landslide 18.2 adds support for the new 100GbE interface module for the C100-M4 Test Server:  
  • 2 port 100GBASE-SR4 QSFP+ Module


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