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Spirent Landslide 18.6 Release Available For Download


Landslide 18.6 is now available for download on the Spirent customer support website.

As NEMs and Carriers continue their fast track towards deploying the first commercial 5G SA network, one of the critical barriers to overcome will be the correct interconnection with legacy networks to guarantee mobility, services’ coverage and offloading. To aid this tremendous effort, release 18.6 continues Landslide’s strategic feature set alignment by (1) upgrading NAS to 3GPP Rel.15 June, 2019 and NGAP to Rel.15 July 2019 specifications versions in all related test cases and (2) enhancing mobility testing support with Intra-5G N14 handovers, 5G VoNR to VoWifi handovers, 4G to 5G inter-technology handovers with the initial attach on 4G and security continuity after handover.  Furthermore, the Service Based Architecture library of testcases is enhanced in Landslide 18.6 with the new NEF testing application and NEF emulator (exposing N51 and N29 interfaces).

Other key areas of mobile network testing have also been enhanced: for instance, the Emergency Services testing offering in Landslide 18.6 adds support for PSAP testing along with the new PSAP emulator, which can be upgraded to support NG911 requirements.

Get all the details - Landslide 18.6 Release
True 5G Test Cases
R18.6 is the tenth Landslide release with True 5G (SA) Core test cases. New use cases include: 
  • 4G to 5G inter-technology handovers with the initial attach on 4G or on 5G NSA
  • 5G VoNR to VoWifi (5G ePDG) handovers
  • UE Info support for IPSec keys when using the NWu interface.
  • NGAP version 15.4.0 (July 2019)
  • NAS-5G version 15.4.0 (June 2019)
  • N11 interface toward the SMF Node to allow for AMF Node standalone operation
  • Support for the N14 interface for N2 mobility scenarios
  • N3IWF Node with IPv6 support and the ability to add and configure the Idle Entry Time
  • NEF testing and NEF emulation via the Service Based Nodal / Service Based Node test cases
Additional functionality will be added continuously over the next few releases.
Emergency Services
Landslide continues its expansion in Emergency Services testing by  introducing:
  • PSAP Node emulator - new standalone PSAP Node testcase
  • NG911 PSAP Node emulator upgrade to make the PSAP emulator compatible with 5G requirements
4G/4.5G Core Enhancements
Landslide 18.6 upgrades its 4G Core testing capabilities with these new use cases:
  • Configurable option to support the Load Control Information (LCI) IE in the SGW Node Emulator
  • Custom Messages on S11, S4, S5|S8 GTPv2 interfaces to enable negative testing scenarios
  • EAP only authentication for SWu IPsec in LTE to WiFi inter-technology


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