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Spirent Landslide 18.8 Release Available For Download


Landslide 18.8 is now available for download on the Spirent customer support website.

As NEMs and Carriers continue their fast track towards deploying the first commercial 5G SA network, one of the critical barriers to overcome will be the correct interconnection with legacy networks to guarantee mobility, services’ coverage and offloading. To aid this tremendous effort, release 18.8 continues Landslide’s strategic feature set alignment by enhancing mobility testing support with continuous 5G VoNR to VoWifi handovers, plus Mobility Registration for 4G to 5G after EPS Fallback. Furthermore, the Service Based Architecture library of testcases is enhanced in Landslide 18.8 with the new SMSF network function.

Cloud infrastructure providers are making inroads into mobile networking initially with cloud hosted core functions for private LTE. They are now moving towards MEC and even hosting their systems in carrier data centers. This Landslide release adds support for Amazon Web Services and enables testing of NFs in the AWS Cloud or Outposts infrastructure, as well as testing the performance and scale of networks which include core elements running in AWS.

Get all the details - Landslide 18.8 Release
True 5G Test Cases
R18.8 is the eleventh Landslide release with True 5G (SA) Core test cases. New use cases include: 
  • Mobility Registration from 4G to 5G after EPS Fallback
  • Inter-AMF Mobility Registration over N14
  • Continuous handoffs between 5G VoNR to VoWifi (5G ePDG)
  • PFCP version 15.6.0 (June 2019)
  • SB Interfaces (Namf, Nsmf, Nudm) in SMF Nodal & Node support version 15.4.0 (June 2019)
  • N5 interface between the PCF and the AF
  • NEF test and emulation supports Subscribe, Update and Send Notifications for all events
  • SMSF Network Function
Additional functionality will be added continuously over the next few releases.
Landslide continues its expansion in IMS/Voice over New Radio testing, while maintaining the unparalleled voice and video over LTE testing capabilities. Landslide 18.8 introduces:
  • Network Address Port Translation (NAPT) for SIP and RTP traffic
  • RTP traffic functionality on the Mw Interface
  • Support for large closed group chat (up to 100 UEs)
4G/4.5G Core Enhancements
Landslide 18.8 upgrades its 4G Core testing capabilities with these new use cases:
  • Fireball UDP & TCP – simulate downlink only traffic
  • Fireball TCP – support Host Data Expansion ratio 
Amazon Web Services
Landslide 18.8 adds Test Server support for the Amazon Web Services Cloud:
  • Landslide Large vTS for AWS
  • Landslide Small vTS for AWS
  • Automated deployment via Amazon Machine Image (AMI)


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