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PT Release Notification: SCU's (Single Channel Utility) User Interface released


Spirent are pleased to announce that a graphical user interface (GUI) for Single Channel Utility is now available to supported customers with the release of PosApp V7.00.

Spirent’s PosApp software supports the generation of a single channel output for each licenced signal.

The Single Channel Utility allows individual control of several parameters including: a satellite’s carrier frequency, power level, velocity profile and PRN, secondary code and navigation data. Single Channel Utility GUI provides a user interface to all current SCU remote commands on GSS7000 and GSS9000 simulators.

In addition, all other PosApp products (SimGEN, SimREPLAYplus, SimTEST) can be switched to operate in single channel mode via the "Options" -> "Control Options" -> "Single channel mode" option:

Note - access to the following content requires a Customer Service Center (CSC) account
For more information about Single Channel Utility, see DGP01491AAA - SCU (Single Channel Utility) Software User Manual DOC11963
For more information about PosApp v7.00, which introduced the user interface to SCU, see NWS10263
For more information about operating other PosApp products in Single Channel Mode, see the respective software user manual via the links in the above PosApp v7.00 article

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