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Announcing Spirent Landslide 20.2 Release

PRODUCT UPDATE                                                                                                                                        
Landslide Release:
Focus on Non-3GPP Access

5G brings with it the promise of new use cases with a wide range of requirements in terms of throughput, latency, coverage, and reliability. Advances in Wi-Fi make it an ideal candidate to augment New Radio (NR) in carrying new classes of applications like AR/VR, Industrial IoT, and Autonomous Driving. Interworking between 5G and Wi-Fi brings tremendous benefits to operators in addressing new market opportunities stemming from these new application classes. In keeping with this trend towards non-3GPP access to the 5G networks, Landslide is ramping up its support of test capabilities geared towards testing network functions that enable this. Landslide 20.2 introduces the ability to test TWIF (Trusted WLAN Interworking Function).

Landslide 20.2 adds support for 3GPP R16 for AMF nodal and UPF nodal applications. Landslide 20.2 also builds on the 5GC Automation Package, a fully automated library of 5GC tests built by 5G experts. Landslide 20.2 continues to expand 5G testing capabilities with the introduction of other key features such as:
  • N27 interface between hNRF and vNRF
  • UPF IP Address Allocation
  • 5GSM Cause Codes
Release 20.2
Key New Features TWIF Test: Ability to test the Trusted WLAN Interworking Function (TWIF) by emulating Trusted WLAN Access Points (TWAP) over Yw interface. Optionally, 5GC can be emulated to completely isolate the TWIF for testing.
3GPP R16: AMF nodal and SMF nodal applications support for the July 2020 3GPP R16 specification

5GC Automation Package: Tests for AMF, AUSF, UDM & PCF, and adjacency testing of AMF-SMF & SMF-UPF. Tests for conformance, performance, and capacity, fully automated with Velocity, accelerate time to market, reduce costs and improve quality of products and services.

N27 interface: Interface between vNRF and hNRF to test roaming scenarios

5GSM Cause Codes: Support displaying the 5GSM cause codes in the test results (Measurement Report) for AMF Nodal / AMF Node / gNB CU SA Nodal / SMF Nodal / SMF Node to facilitate troubleshooting and root cause analysis
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Software Availability The latest Landslide software can be downloaded from the CSC via the Download tab by selecting:
General Release > Landslide
Associated technical documentation, including release notes, can also be found under the Related Resources link for that software version.
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