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Announcing Spirent VisionWorks Release 21.2

VisionWorks Release:

5G Use Cases

As the industry continues to fast-track 5G SA, VisionWorks continues to enhance 5G functionality to empower our customers to roll out and monitor 5G networks with confidence. VisionWorks 21.2 enables 5G voice service assurance from the core. It enhances 5G data service assurance by adding 5G modem support. It releases prototype use cases for 5G URLLC (Ultra-reliable Low Latency Communication) network slice assurance and latency segmentation.

VisionWorks 21.2 further enhances our network assurance test capabilities across the entire solution. The newly introduced features will help new and existing customers as they evolve their network as part of their 5G strategy.

Release 21.2
Key New Features 5G SA Voice Service Assurance
VisionWorks can measure 5G SA voice service performance from the 5G core by emulating the voice traffic coming from the 5G RAN. The emulated traffic is injected to various part of the 5G Core to isolate issues related to the core and the IMS. Customers can use this capability to gain insights into performance and isolate issues related to the AMF, UPF, and IMS using VisionWorks.

5G Data Service Assurance
  1. VisionWorks 21.2 enhances 5G Data Service Assurance via:
  2. Support of 5G modem for OTA (over the air) 5G data service assurance. This provides customers with a non-handset-based solution for OTA testing.
  3. Support of iPerf tests from 5G and 4G Core to detect bandwidth related issues
  4. OTA and core ping test enhancements yield standards-based ICMP metrics to facilitate the comparison of VisionWorks test results with other systems
  5. OTA and core traceroute test enhancements provide reporting on completed hops even if traceroute fails, enabling customers to understand where the failure is occurring

5G Network Slice Assurance 
VisionWorks 21.2 adds the capability to test the latency of a URLLC network slice from the core with the ability to correlate with backhaul latency and E2E latency, providing customers with the ability to view the performance of various URLLC slice types and understand where in the network the maximum latency for those slices is. This prototype use case is being released for demonstrations and will be GA in next release of VisionWorks.

Latency Segmentation
VisionWorks 21.2 adds the capability to measure the latency from different points in the network, from end-to-end or from the core to multiple destinations. Customers can compare the latency across multiple edge destinations and understand where in the network – radio, backhaul, or core – maximum latency is being introduced for the selected destination. This prototype use case is being released for demonstrations and will be GA in the next release. 
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Software Availability To upgrade to the latest version of VisionWorks, contact your Spirent representative or our global support team.

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