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CyberFlood v22.2 and Avalanche v5.31 Released

CyberFlood v22.2 and Avalanche v5.31 Releases

Security and Performance Testing Solutions

Spirent is pleased to announce the release of CyberFlood v22.2 and Avalanche v5.31. Both solutions are feature rich and bring new capabilities that expand the value and use cases for our powerful security and performance testing solutions. As content and maintenance releases, these versions cover new features, in addition to numerous critical issue resolutions.
  • New goal seeking performance test options
  • Improved Advanced Mixed Test Traffic capabilities
  • Improved performance on C200 appliances
  • And More
Release CyberFlood v22.2
Key new features  
Advanced Mixed Traffic (AMT) Updates
  • Goal seeking support to simplify maximum test target results, available in Advanced Mixed Traffic and Throughput with Mixed Traffic players
  • New Live Charts update adds user selectable statistics
  • Expanded network and virtual router configuration for more advanced test topologies
  • Improved user selectable Live Charts statistics
  • Simple to use “drag and drop” multiple subnet and virtual router configuration
  • Subnets and virtual router IP addressing replicate and increment feature simplifies setup for comprehensive tests
  • And many more improvements
Cyber Threat Assessment (CTA)
  • New assessment timer option will force stop a test after a specified amount of run time allowing users to customize the max duration of a CTA test
  • Profiles setup for TestCloud Security scenarios adds new categories and filter capabilities, allowing users to create malware and attack profiles with very granular criteria, simplifying user specific test setup
  • Expanded DDoS traffic generation load specification adding stair step and packet per second options
And more
  • Release v22.2 contains many more user experience updates and functionality including updated beta versions of NetSecOPEN mixed traffic test cases. For the most up to date information please see the latest release notes  
Release Avalanche v5.31
  • Improved bandwidth performance on C200 appliances with receive side acceleration option
And more
  • New FQDN support for proxy profiles allows for more comprehensive inline forwarding device test use cases
Further Information
For the most up-to-date release information please see CyberFlood release notes DOC12486  and Avalanche release notes DOC12489

Product : CyberFlood,Avalanche