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Announcing Spirent Landslide 21.4 Release

PRODUCT UPDATE                                                                                                                                        
Landslide Release:

Security Testing

A major new development with 21.4 is the introduction of a new L5AP test package for Security Testing. The importance of testing 5G networks for security is undeniable. 3GPP has specifications, called Security Assurance Specification (SCAS), which exclusively focus on security aspects of 5G and the network functions within it. Like the Compliance and Performance & Capacity L5AP packages, more and more test cases will be added to the Security package over time. This package will not only include tests based on SCAS, but also some DDoS and MITM type attack scenarios that are unique to our offering. 

Feature highlights introduced in 21.4 release include, a refreshed M4 test server, called M4R. It is functionally equivalent to M4 but has some different components. Significant enhancements have been made to the ORAN CU Nodal test case for Standalone Mode with the addition of several mobility scenarios. Support for Indirect communication (via SCP) with delegated discovery, also known as Model D, is now available for SBA nodes. Finally, Helm charts for Kubernetes deployments has been rolled out with 21.4. 

Release 21.4
Key New Features

L5AP Security Testing Package: A fully automated set of test cases based on 3GPP SCAS. Additionally, it will also include Denial of Service (DDoS) and Man in the Middle (MITM) type attack scenarios. 

M4R: A test server equivalent to M4. It has some new components as the ones used in M4 have been declared EOL. 

CU SA Nodal: Several new procedures have been added including: Paging, Service Request, and Xn & NG Handovers. 

Model D: SBA Nodes emulated by Landslide can now use indirect communication with delegated discovery through the SCP. 

Helm Charts: Makes deployment of Landslide on Kubernetes easier. 

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Software Availability The latest Landslide software can be downloaded from the Spirent Customer Service Center via the Download tab by selecting: General Release > Landslide

Associated technical documentation, including release notes, can also be found under the Related Resources link for that software version.
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