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Announcing Spirent VisionWorks Release 22.2

VisionWorks Release: 22.2

End-to-end service assurance is critical to proactively identify issues that impact customer experience (CX). In a time of increasing network and service complexity, service assurance must not only focus on fault monitoring and performance management but also provide end-to-end visibility. An optimal assurance solution must rely on analytics to build tight, cross-correlated models for network and service data. Having a single platform to provide customers a 360-degree view is critical in being able to correlate and provide proactive fault isolation across the entire network.
VisionWorks 22.2 provides mobile and transport network operators the ability to enable video assurance, 5G/ePDG handover assurance, automated E911 compliance, along with new functionality KPI segmentation, SLA reporting, and scheduled user-defined reporting. This release will provide the possibility to demonstrate the synthetic traffic capability across the entire network and across all network domains. The newly introduced features will help new and existing customers as they evolve their network as part of their 5G strategy.

Release 22.2
Key New Features Video Assurance:
Assess video user experience independent of the content provider.‚Äč Provide traffic simulation testing end user video quality experience.

5G/ePDG Handover:
Wi-Fi and 3GPP 5G Use Cases (with ePDG) with KPI monitoring for Mobility performance. Co-Existence is critical as Wi-Fi is best leveraged for indoor applications while 5G is required for mobility - providing uninterrupted wireless access for consumers, mobile workers, organizations, and hundreds of other applications.

911 Automated Testing:
Automated E911 calls to PSAP with a real person listening in, is required for FCC compliance. Operators no longer need to have someone making manual calls from each cell site.

SLA Report Enhancements:
Powerful enhancements to improve and strengthen SLA reporting, allowing operators to validate and enforce compliance to service level agreements.

KPI Segmentation Enhancements:
Adds the ability to segment additional Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to isolate issues in the service path. This enhancement results in faster trouble isolation and improvements to Mean Time to Repair "MTR."

User-Defined Report Enhancements:
Enhancements to User defined reports (UDR) to include additional exporting, filtering, sorting capabilities and scheduling options. This enhancement results in a richer experience for operators who need continuous reporting capabilities in service assurance.
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Software Availability To upgrade to the latest version of VisionWorks, contact your Spirent representative or our global support team.

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