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Announcing Spirent VisionWorks Release 23.1

VisionWorks Release: 23.1

Spirent’s 5G framework now provides operators with Analytics Geo Diversity, TWAMP and PING PM Scale Enhancements, SIM Server Sharing, and a Custom Dashboard to further anticipate and respond to changing network conditions. Future business connectivity rests in boosting evolving core networks and 5G transport requirements to support higher scale service assurance. 

VisionWorks 23.1 extends Spirent’s active assurance capabilities across the entire network and across all network domains. The newly introduced features will help new and existing customers as they evolve their network as part of their 5G strategy. 

Release 23.1
Key New Features VisionWorks Analytics Geo Redundancy​
  • Deploy Analytics in a Geo-Redundancy manner with minimal administrative support in an active/warm setup
  • Supports two data centers with minimal down time when switching from one data center to the next

VisionWorks Analytics Custom Dashboard 

  • Enable users with the ability to create their own custom visualizations 
  • Allow users the flexibility to pick and choose the data (tables, dash-lets, and graphs) that is important to them 

  • Transport and 4G/5G Mobile Service Assurance 

Scale and Functionality Enhancements on Probes and VTAs 

  • VisionWorks probes now offer higher scale of TWAMP and PING PM streams. Each 7524 probe now supports up to 128,000 TWAMP or PING PM streams. Each 7562/7522/7521 probe now supports up to 64,000 TWAMP or PING PM streams 

  • VisionWorks TWAMP PM VTA now support up to 4,000 streams in a single test agent 

  • VisionWorks Y.1731 VTA now allows user to run a MEP discovery to identify a list of MEP and MACs that can be used as inputs for the Y.1731 PM test 

  • Higher density testing from the same test head / VTA for improved investment protection 

Bulk Mobility Test Management 

  • Richness in mobility testing is quickly managed using VisionWorks' new Bulk Test Wizard, resulting in a sequence of test permutations based on input parameter variations to be created, managed, and executed continuously. 

  • Test permutations can be easily configured, generated, and scheduled, allowing many variations of tests to be defined and executed

SIM Server Sharing
  • Share the same SIM server across multiple TAS systems 
  • Improved return on investment of SIM servers / ability to share SIMs across test teams
  • 4G/5G Mobile Service Assurance
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Software Availability To upgrade to the latest version of VisionWorks, contact your Spirent representative or our global support team.

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