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CyberFlood v24.1 and Avalanche v5.45 Released

CyberFlood v24.1 and Avalanche v5.45 Releases

Advanced Security and Performance
Testing Solutions

Spirent is pleased to announce the release of CyberFlood v24.1 and Avalanche v5.45. Both solutions are feature rich and bring new capabilities that expand the value and use cases for our powerful security and performance testing solutions. As content and maintenance releases, these versions include new features, in addition to numerous critical issue resolutions.
  • Improved usability for ZTNA features
  • Better statistics visibility for CyberFlood Virtual on AWS
  • Updated Advanced Mixed Traffic Test capabilities
  • And More
Release CyberFlood v24.1
Key new features  
Improved Advanced Mixed Traffic Test
  • Create SIP tests without manual actions list configuration with Auto_Assign capability
  • Support for Avalanche CAW files for legacy streaming test applications
  • Set ToS (Type of Service) on performance protocols to test specific DUT policies
  • Improved usability for the creation of ZTNA profiles, making test configuration easier and more intuitive
CyberFlood Virtual on AWS
  • New statistics provide a broader range of AWS specific network observability performance, improving reporting capabilities
  • Also supported for Avalanche v5.45 with CyberFlood Virtual on AWS
  • Ability to set the bit rate on 100G QSFP28 interconnects to 40Gbps for both CyberFlood and Avalanche, allowing more speed and flexibility from the same transceiver
And More
  • See release notes for more information on release CyberFlood v24.1 and Avalanche v5.45
Availability CyberFlood v24.1 and Avalanche v5.45 are available for all currently supported platforms.
Learn more Please see new feature information on the Spirent Customer Support site, product release notes CyberFlood DOC13129 & Avalanche_DOC13132, for the most up-to-date release information. COLT documentation will be available second week of February ’24.


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