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Announcing Spirent OCTOBOX 2.7 Software Release


PRODUCT UPDATE                                                                                                                                        

OCTOBOX Release:


SW 2.7 is Spirent’s second software release supporting Wi-Fi 7 for Pal-7. The main Wi-Fi 7 features supported in this release are MLO and puncturing. MLO combines multiple physical radio channels into one logical channel in between the AP and the device. This can be used for increased throughput, better reliability or lower latency, depending on which mode of MLO is used.  

SW2.7 release also doubles the per radio virtual station count to 64. This helps OCTOBOX customers to test client scale of their access points and networks. 

This release aims to support: Enterprise Vendors, ISPs, and their vendors.


Key New Features

Multi-link operation 

  • Multi-link operation (MLO) combines multiple physical Wi-Fi channels into a single logical connection 

  • MLO STR is available in the STA mode as well as AP mode

  • Faster speed, better connection reliability 

  • 10 Gbps connectivity Mesh backhaul


  • Avoid interfering devices by omitting certain parts of the Wi-Fi channel 

  • Better connection reliability 

  • High density, non-coordinated deployments

64 vSTA  

  • Pal-7 now supports 64 virtual stations per radio totaling 256 virtual stations per Pal-7 

  • Allows testing for maximum device count support

Product Webpage

Software Availability

The latest OCTOBOX software can be downloaded from the Spirent Customer Service Center via the Download tab by selecting: General Release > OCTOBOX

Associated technical documentation, including release notes, can also be found under the Related Resources link for that software version.

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