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Announcing Spirent VisionWorks 24.2 with Mobile Test Platform 1.1


Announcing VisionWorks 24.2 and Over-the-Air Mobile Test Platform 1.1

The latest VisionWorks 24.2 release expands support for testing Android devices and services, provides enhancements to expand the communication and management capabilities with the Over the Air (OTA) Mobile Test Platform, and supports authentication via OpenID Connect a widely used authentication mechanism.

Coupled with this release are hardware enhancements in the OTA Mobile Test Platform Version 1.1 that streamline communication with the VisionWorks Controller and provide support for multiple eSIM profiles for greater testing flexibility.

This release aims to support: Tier 1 and 2 carriers and operators

Release 24.2, MTP 1.1
VisionWorks 24.2

Open ID Connect Authentication​

  • The VisionWorks Platform now supports authentication with an Open ID Connector broker
  • Enables VisionWorks to be part of a customer wide single-sign-on solution and aligning to customer security policies

OTA Enhancements

  • Modem Management, Centralized Test Execution Logging, multiple-eSIMs
  • Support, toggle, and test multiple SIMs and eSIMs. For example, this eliminates the need for two devices to test pre-paid, post-paid and MVNO profiles
  • One location to find relevant information in troubleshoot Test Executions​ Ability to test one specific SIMs available on a device
  • Device certification, sectionalization, and voice/video/data mobile service assurance

Android Application Testing

  • Launch and automate a real Android container in the mobility VTA to host apps (i.e. YouTube, Instagram) for PM and ad-hoc
  • Increases test realism by running actual native applications from the mobile VTA

VTAs Out-Of-Service

  • Creation of event notification when a Test Agent goes offline
  • Ensure test requests are completed by having resources available and reducing time to testing
MTP 1.1


  • This feature allows the MTP to connect the VisionWorks Controller using a dedicated Mobile network connection
  • Eliminates the need for a dedicated Ethernet connection for the MTPs control
  • First Office Application (FOA) teams who are putting MTPs in location for rollout testing then reassigning
  • Spirent’s Fit-4-Launch team using the MTP as an in market leave behind for troubleshooting issues between drive testing

eSIM Emulator

  • Adds the option to the MTP that enables eSIMs to be centrally located and switched to the UE
  • Support multiple test personalities with a single UE by remotely switching the SIM
  • Quickly change UE profile between carriers, MNO/MVNO, APNs, Slicing etc with a single MTP/UE
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Software Availability To upgrade to the latest version of VisionWorks, contact your Spirent representative or our global support team.

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