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Spirent Customer Service Center: How to take advantage of the Spirent CSC


The Spirent Customer Service Center (CSC) has many useful features to help you use your Spirent products and solutions more effectively. We've tried to make using the CSC as easy as possible, and we're offering some useful tips that can further improve your experience.


Our goal with the CSC is to make it your first stop in seeking the answers that will help you get the most out of the Spirent products and solutions you have in your labs and networks. We've made the system easy to use, and for our frequent visitors, you will continue to see familiar features, like Downloads and Case/SR management.

Search the Knowledge Base
Searching the KB is simple-- just enter your search into the "Search Knowledge Base" box on any CSC page.

Check out our Search Tips and Tricks to help improve your searches on the KB.

Choose your Preferred Product(s)
Spirent's customers are a large and diverse group, and we have dozens of products we've offered over the years to serve our customers. You can focus the CSC to just the products you want by using My Product Preferences.

Subscribe to Content
The CSC offers many ways to subscribe to content on the Knowledge Base, from a single document all the way to entire categories of content. You will receive emails with details on new or updated content, based on the subscriptions your create. Please note that you need a valid CSC account in order to subscribe to content. You can also read more about how to work with subscriptions.

Open a Service Request with Spirent Support Services
After signing in to the CSC, users with a current support entitlement can open Service Requests (SRs) with Spirent Support Services. Just click on the "New Support Case" link at the top of the screen (more details about opening SRs). To manage your current SRs, click the "Cases " tab (more details about managing SRs).

Downloads of Software and Firmware Updates
Downloads are available from the "Downloads" tab, which appears after you log in for most users, and offer various product software and hardware/firmware updates (more details about downloads).

Feedback Welcome and Appreciated
Finally, we encourage you to leave feedback about how the CSC and Knowledge Base are working for you. We have plenty of places for you to offer ideas, ratings and suggestions. You have our commitment that we will read your suggestions and use the feedback to continue improving what we provide to you, our valued customer.


enlightenedPlease note: we offer plenty of content to our visitors without having to sign in, but if you have a valid CSC user account and password, we encourage you to login, as it opens up very useful content and features such as documentation, downloads, subscriptions and SR management. Follow these steps to sign up as a new user.

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