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Positioning Application: How to use Pseudorange Ramp toolbar button for RAIM test?

  • With this article, you can see an example RAIM test using Pseudorange Ramp toolbar button and Septentrio PolarX5 receiver.
  • For more information on different way to apply PR ramp in scenario, please refer to article FAQ12538 to learn about PR Ramps
  • PosApp all versions (SimGEN, SimREPLAYplus, SimREPLAY)
  • RAIM test example applying PR ramps by Pseudorange ramp button in a scenario with Septentrio PolaX5 receiver.
    •  Before applying PR ramp in a scenario, run a scenario with a receiver connected to the simulator until the receiver gets a position fix using signals from a minimum of 5 satellites with a satisfactory geometry.
    • In the PosAPP software
    1. click the Pseudorange Ramp toolbar button
    2. In the Pseudorange Ramps dialog, click New
  1. Type in Tx ID (for example GPS 15)
  2. Type in Pseudorange change (for example 1300
  3. Ramp up time(for example 3 mins)
  4. Repeat steps 3 to 5 for each satellite you want to apply a Pseudoragne ramp to(for example GPS 22 and GPS 29)
  • In RxControl Software ( normally RAIM on)
  1. Use the menu View-Channel table
    1. You can see GPS15, 22,29 rejected in status.
  • If you want to see what happen to Receiver by applying PR Ramp without RAIM
    • In Rx Control Softare
    1. Use the menu Navigation-Receiver Operation-Postion
    2. In Integrity Tab, Turn off RAIM
  • In Posapp Software
  1. Run a scenario again.
  2. After a receiver get position fix
  3. Apply PR ramp following steps above
    1. You can see receiver moving far away from reference postion

Product : Position Apps,SimGEN,PosApp