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Positioning Application: How to use Pseudorange Ramp toolbar button for RAIM test?

  • In this article, you can see an example of RAIM test using the Pseudorange Ramp toolbar button and a Septentrio PolarX5 receiver.
  • For more information on different ways to apply PR ramps in a scenario, please refer to article FAQ12538 to learn about PR Ramps
  • PosApp all versions (SimGEN, SimREPLAYplus, SimREPLAY)
  • RAIM test example applying PR ramps by Pseudorange ramp button in a scenario with Septentrio PolaX5 receiver.
    •  Before applying PR ramp, run a scenario, with a receiver connected to the simulator, until the receiver gets a position fix using signals from a minimum of 5 satellites with a satisfactory geometry.
    • In the PosAPP software
    1. click the Pseudorange Ramp toolbar button
    2. In the Pseudorange Ramps dialog, click "New"
  1. Type in Tx ID (for example GPS 15)
  2. Type in a "Pseudorange change" (for example 1300 m)
  3. Fill in the "Ramp up time" (for example 3 mins)
  4. Repeat steps 3 to 5 for each satellite you want to apply a Pseudoragne ramp to (for example GPS 22 and GPS 29)
  • In  the RxControl Software (normally RAIM is "on")
  1. Use the menu View-Channel table
    1. You can see GPS15, 22,29 being rejected.
  • If you want to see what happens to the receiver by applying PR Ramp without RAIM "on", then:
    • In Rx Control Software
    1. Use the menu Navigation-Receiver Operation-Position
    2. In Integrity Tab, Turn off RAIM
  • In Posapp Software
  1. Run a scenario again.
  2. After a receiver get position fix
  3. Apply PR ramp following steps above
    1. You can see receiver moving far away from reference position

Product : Position Apps,SimGEN,PosApp