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Spirent TestCenter: How to upgrade a LabServer or Virtual LabServer?

How to Download and Upgrade LabServer (LS) / Virtual LabServer (vLS) Software
After you have installed your Spirent TestCenter upgrade, download the LS/vLS upgrade file to your computer and then use the Session Manager application to upgrade the LS/vLS server software.

Note: The LS/vLS server upgrade file must be stored in the "STC Server" folder in the Spirent TestCenter Application [X.xx] directory.

To upgrade LS/vLS server software:
  • Navigate to the Downloads page on the Spirent Communications support website https://
  • Select the LS/vLS upgrade file that matches your type of LabServer (virtual or appliance) and the installed version of Spirent TestCenter:
    • For a Virtual LabServer use the filters Release Type “General Release” / Product Line “Spirent TestCenter” / Categories “Virtual” / Description “Spirent TestCenter Virtual LabServer, vX.xx for Docker”
    • For a LabServer appliance use the filters Release Type “General Release” / Product Line “Spirent TestCenter” / Categories “Firmware” / Description “Spirent TestCenter LabServer Image, vX.xx for Linux”
  • Save the file to the STC Server folder in the Spirent TestCenter Application directory on your computer.
    • For a Virtual LabServer, the tar file format is labserver-x.xx.xxxx.tar.xz
    • For a LabServer appliance, the tar file format is Spirent_TestCenter_LS_x.xx.tar.gz
      • ‚ÄčThe LabServer appliance is obsolete and the last supported version is 5.02.
  • Launch Session Manager.
  • Click Upgrade Server in the menu bar. The Upgrade Server dialog opens.
  • Enter the server address or server name in the Server Name field.
  • Click Browse to navigate to the upgrade file in the STC Server folder on your PC.
  • Select the file.
  • Click Upgrade.
  • After the upgrade has completed, the LS/vLS Server will be ready to use for testing.
  • These instructions can be found in the Getting Started with Spirent TestCenter manual on the CSC downloads page under "Related Resources" for each software download.
  • As indicated, use the Session Manager to do the upgrade.
  • If using the Docker deployed version it is possible the upgrade through the session manager will fail.
    • Since the Docker version makes the VM look like a normal linux machine use page 62 of the Getting Started Guide in which to remove the old container.
    • Once removed, you can redeploy the new container.
    • Just to make it clearer, the Docker version is different from the VMWare version.
See also: FAQ19115 - Spirent TestCenter: Why doesn't the Session Manager see the virtual Lab Server upgrade file?

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