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Velocity: How to resolve Elastic Search Cluster is not operational issue on iTE 7.1.0?


This article describes how to resolve ‘Elastic Search Cluster is not operational’ issue on iTE 7.1.0.

Spirent Velocity & iTE 7.1.0
If several errors (Unsuccessful HTTP, DBs not initialized) are displayed on Velocity UI and ITE UI shows an error that Elastic Search Cluster is not operational, perform these steps:
  • On iTE VM, go to folder /data/logs/esearch-output.log
  • Check for java exceptions which reference an .es_temp_file
  • If there are such exceptions then stop the Elasticsearch process if it's not stopped already by running command:  /local/rc-stop/esearch
  • Remove the referenced file
  • Restart iTE or just Elasticsearch using command: /local/rc-start/esearch
This is a known issue with Elasticsearch: It is fixed in Elastic 5.6.0, but iTE 7.1.0 uses 5.5.2.

Product : Velocity