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How to upgrade to latest release of iTest?

This article contains the main things to consider before upgrading the iTest environment.
Spirent iTest
Spirent recommends to upgrade either from version to version or 1 -2 versions behind.
Each new version is upgrade tested with the last 2 of its predecessors.
Usually, before performing the upgrade, user must ensure the following:
license file will work with the desired iTEST version
only supported and compatible software versions will be used – VMs hosting iTEST and license server
system has a backup – in case something goes wrong with the upgrade
iTest projects can be saved to a SVN/GIT repository or you can backup your workspace (simply copy it to a safe location or archive it)
From iTest’s perspective there is no actual “upgrade” other than simply installing the software on your system and opening your workspace in the new version of iTest.
iTest documentation as well as APT license server docs for each release can be found by logging in at

Product : iTest Enterprise