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Spirent TestCenter: How to advertise large-scale of BGP imported routes as fast as possible

User can check how fast DUT can learn the large-scale of BGP routes which are imported and advertised by STC , so STC should advertise those imported routes as fast as possible.
Spirent TestCenter
  • Import routes with fast route option and enable traffic with route blocks
  • Once all routes are imported, disable the route block under imported route tab
  • Enable all route blocks under ipv4 route tab
  • Apply and then start BGP
  • STC advertises BGP routes from Ipv4 route tab if we enable route blocks under ipv4 route tab, but the step-3 (as mentioned in above procedure) takes more time if large-scale of routes are imported because It is actually BLL processing time
  • In this process, BLL takes each route entry from IL (chassis) and configure it on GUI and this process of creating the routes on GUI takes more time which is expected as per the scale scenario.
  • Once it creates on GUI and if we save configuration file, then no need of re-importing and re-enabling the routes.
  • If you open the saved config file again on the application then it will not take more time to apply the config; it will be as usual time that takes to apply the BGP config with large-scale of routes

Product : Windows GUI