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Spirent TestCenter: How to setup a Virtual Lab Server behind a NAT?

  • To use a PC that is on VPN to Customer Network connecting to Lab Server and Chassis over NAT on Private networks.
  • Use TestCenter IQ for results.
  • Virtual Lab Server
  • TestCenter IQ
  • Login to the Labserver
    • Remove the SERVER_HOST_ADDR environment variable:  (you might have already did this but you can double check.)
    • Go to the shell, option 6
      • do “sudo vi /opt/rune/etc/env-vars” (no quotes) and delete the entry for SERVER_HOST_ADDR
        • (note this env-vars file may not even exist)
      • Exit back to the admin menu and do (if above did not need to be done, then can skip this section)
        [2] Configure Container, 
        [3] Reset container and 
        [7] Apply change and start new container
    • Back in the container: 
      • Go to the shell again, option 6
        • do "docker exec -ti $(docker ps -q) /bin/bash" (no quotes)
      • do "vi /home/testcenter/server/stcbll.server.ini" (no quotes)
        change orionResServiceUrl to  
        • if orionResServicePublicUrl exists, you can leave it blank as it is not used here.
          NOTE THAT THE ABOVE CHANGE IS TO THE stcbll.server.ini file, NOT THE stcbll.ini FILE which is below
      • do "vi /home/testcenter/server/stcbll.ini" (no quotes)
        change orionResServicePublicUrl to  
        • If you don't see the orionResServicePublicUrl variable you can add it under the orionResServiceUrl variable.
          Leave orionResServiceUrl unchanged (it should be the internal IP since the environment variable was removed)
          After making these changes, run this command in the container so that the server picks up the new setting:
          supervisorctl restart testcenter-server
  • This has been indicated as an unsupported topology.
  • Even with the work around shown in the proceudres, there is still a behavior where closing the GUI gives an error and restarts, in which need to use Task Manager to end the application.
    • Apparently this topology is not something that was foreseen and would need an enhancement request.
  • A script will crash when ending the sessions but you should still be able to get your results.

Product : TestCenterIQ / Magellan,LabServer