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Spirent TestCente: Issues with SRv6 SID format, SRv6 SID supposed to carry 32-bit MPLS label value in the SID but on GUI we are able to configure only 8bits


Explain how to configure 32 bit MPLS labels.
  • Spirent TestCenter
  • SRv6 SID format
  • 32-bit MPLS label
  • BGP
  • MPLS Label

As you can see in the below screenshot, under SRv6 Function Opcode on GUI (Devices -> BGP tab -> Edit Routes), seems you are able to configure only 8 bits, but according to standard we should be able to configure 32 bits.



As per the documentation, it says it supports hex values separated by colons:

 And, even though the documentation says 0 is the default, it looks like it initially came with only 8 bits as a reference (as the screenshot on the previous section), however you can make it 32bits by using colons:


Product : Routing,Spirent TestCenter,MPLS,BGP