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Spirent TestCenter CTS: Set Parameters, Map PCOs


This Video Demonstration is a narrated screen cam showing how to set up the Test Parameters and Map Ports. It provides the details of the configuration parameters. A Test Suite's parameters are referred to as PIXITs (Protocol Implementation Extra Information for Testing) which are sconfigured from the Set Parameters screen. It also provides the details of Mapping Port PCOs. A Test Suite uses a PCO (Point of Control and Observation) as a logical representation of a tester. Before the Spirent TestCenter Conformance Application can run a test suite, each of the test suite PCOs must be assigned to a physical chassis port.

Course: Essentials of Spirent TestCenter Conformance Testing (CTS)
Series: Spirent TestCenter Continuing Education

Run Time: 9 min


Product : Spirent TestCenter,L2-3,Conformance Test,CTS,Spirent TestCenter,IP