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In Avalanche, what is the difference between a SimUser, connection, and transaction?


An abbreviation for simulated or virtual users. SimUser applies to a user processing through an Actions List one time. This load specification generates enough load to reach and maintain a target number of concurrent simulated users. It allows you to determine the maximum number of concurrent users your device, infrastructure, or system can handle.

Use this specification if you want to keep applying load even after the device under test fails. The amount of traffic generated depends on the performance of the device under test. As the system slows down due to overloading, generally each user takes longer to process through the Actions list, and the load "throttles back" and generates fewer new users.
Denotes a TCP connection. Defines the number of simultaneous network connections initiated from Avalanche. This setting generates enough load to reach and sustain the desired number of open TCP connections.
You can use this load specification with any TCP connection-based protocol including HTTP, FTP, and SMTP. Open TCP connections depend on the connection establishment rate, system efficiency, and user behavior, such as Think Time. Specifying the same number of TCP connections on different systems does not mean the traffic generated will be the same.
An open connection does not necessarily have nonstop activity. Pay attention to the time it takes a TCP connection to complete, the time to SYN/ ACK, and the number of successful versus failed transactions at a specified number of open TCP connections.
Defines the number of simultaneous transactions generated. This specification generates and maintains enough load to reach an outstanding number of active HTTP transactions, or GETs-in-progress. For example, HTTP 1.1 with Persistence allows you to execute multiple transactions in a single connection.
Each transaction equates to the request and transfer of one object, which for a web site is called a hit.

Product : Avalanche,L4-7,Avalanche