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How do I connect to the Abacus 5000 serial port using Hyperterm?


If you don’t know the systems IP address, you can change it using the serial connection with Hyperterm.  (Note: It is not possible to use the GUI or configure your environment with this connection type.)

Please see instructions below.  For more detailed information on connecting to the Abacus, please refer to the “TCP-IP Installation” document located in your Abacus manual folder (example: C:\Abacus 5000\6.20\MANUAL).


  1. Connect the RJ-45 cable connector of serial cable CBL-3006 (Provided with unit) to the COM1 port on the SC3 card. Connect the DB-9 female serial cable connector from an unused serial (COM) port on your PC to the system controller.
  2. Run HyperTerminal
  3. Click File | Open.
  4. Ensure that the file name appears in the File name box, then click OK
  5. In the COM Properties window, select the following parameter settings, then Click OK.

• Bits per second: 115200

• Data bits: 8 (the normal default value)

• Parity: None (the normal default value)

• Stop Bits: 1 (the normal default value)

• Flow control: None


Product : Abacus,6.20,6.11 and below