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How do I upgrade or downgrade the software/firmware on the Abacus system?


1. Obtain and install, the needed version of Abacus GUI/software from either your Spirent Sales Rep,, or 1-800-Spirent.

** requires login/password; create one as needed


2. Open the Abacus GUI; from the menu, go to File/Connect, and look for your Abacus unit's IP address.

     2a. If you don't see your Abacus unit listed, click on 'IP List' and add your Abacus system's IP address to the list.


3. Click-once to select the unit to update; then right-click and select Update Firmware.


4. At this point you should see some red-check marks indicating the difference in software between your GUI and what is on the Abacus unit, click 'OK' to proceed.


5. The Abacus unit will reboot and reinitialize when done updating. It is VERY IMPORTANT to allow the unit at least 3-minutes to fully recover before powering down the unit or power-setting it for whatever reason.  The unit should recover on its own; power-resetting is not require in this updating process.

**Powering down the unit during this updating process will corrupt the firmware processes and will require an Emergency Recovery to be performed.


6. Once the Abacus unit has recovered and is READY, please connect to it and open the System Information (View/System Information) window to ensure that all your CG units are available and ready. If so, the update is a success. Please proceed with your testing.


7. If the system or your CG cards have not fully recovered in this 3-4 minute time frame, please reset the system once more VIA (GUI menu) Run/Reset System.

Product : Abacus,6.20,6.11 and below