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How do I export the Test Session Test Suite in case the TAC report could not be collected on Landslide?



    1. From the Landslide Main menu, select Admin->Test Suite Exporter.
    2. Click on the Test Sessions tab.
    3. Click on the Library drop down arrow to select the Library housing the test suite.
    4. Find and select the test suite by sorting using the Name or Date columns.
    5. Enter the Suite Name followed by the Version Suffix. If the Test Server admin window is displaying version, the Suite Name should be suffixed with the last 2 digits of the version – For example, MME Nodal Performance test for the Suite Name and 0.58 as the Version Suffix.
    6. Then click on the right arrow to move the test suite on the To Be Exported side.
    7. Click on the Export button followed by Yes on the confirmation window, to save the Test Suite file at the location of your choice.
    8. Click on the Close button when all the test suite files are exported.

Product : Landslide