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How do i query a wireline simulator for serial number and unit type?


All Spirent wireline simulators come with an application S/W  DLS Terminal.  DLS terminal S/W allows you to connect to any
DLS Simulator with either a Serial connection or a GPIB connection. To use the DLS terminal You select the communication interface either GPIB address or RS232.
Use the Terminal controls and select the Attach Button.  When you are attached you will see a grayed command line turn white  here is where you enter commands.
If you enter the command *idn? you will receive " SPIRENT COMM INC, <unit ID>, <Serial number>, <Version of the control firmware>"  example below.  To attach to another unit
you need to select the Detach button then select another communication interface then select the Attach button to connect to it.

Example of the string received for a DLS410B
Spirent Comm. INC,DLS410B,6000410,001

Product : Control S/W,Application