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I have the needs to configure Abacus for different kinds of tests from time to time. Are there any ways that will assist me in setting up my test environments?


There are a number of resources available for users.   The first one is the documentation. Abacus has a rich collection of information in the software manual, hardware manual and Tcl user guides. These manuals can be used as a reference manual, as well as an application notes in guiding users to set up their test.    The second one is the on-line help. During the process of test set up / system configuration, users can use the F1 function key to get the context sensitive help.   The third one is the use of Demonstration “Demo” environment. Abacus software is distributed with a large list of Demo Environments. Each of these environments can be used as a starting point for customer’s own test. For example, if a user would like to run a SS7 test and he has no idea how to configure Abacus for such a test. He can open the Demo_T1SS7.env in Demo mode. After this, he can browse the different configuration window to see what is required in the GUI. He can change the settings based on his own test setup. If he doesn’t understand a specific part of the setting, he can use the F1 function to get on line help.    There are other Demo environments for other protocols like SIP, H323, Megaco, MGCP, PRI and analog lines.    The last, but not the least, is the call the Tech Support. Note that this is restricted to customers who have purchased support contract from Spirent.

Product : Abacus