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How do I create simulated hosts behind emulated hosts and transmit traffic between the hosts?



The key is to make sure the networks where the simulated hosts are coming from are statically configured on the DUT.  This will allow the hosts to ARP successfully and the DUT to know which next hop to use to forward traffic to destination address.
For example (use 2 ports):
Sim_Host1 is
Sim_Host2 is
DUT nearside interface is
DUT farside interface is
Emulated_Host1 is
Emulated_Host2 is
Sim_Host1/Emulated_Host1 are on STC port 1
Sim_Host2/Emulated_Host2 are on STC port 2
Steps to configure:
1). setup the emulated hosts on Port 1 and 2
2). add static route and with next-hop pointing to and, respectively
3). ARP both emulated hosts
4). on Port 1, create Sim_Host1 with IP address and gateway
5). on Port 2, create Sim_Host2 with IP address and gateway
6). ARP both simulated hosts
7). create a bi-directional Stream Block and bound the simulated hosts as endpoints
8). start traffic and should see Tx and Rx both sides going through

Product : L2-3,Windows GUI,IP