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What is the function of "Promiscuous" mode within Avalanche virtual?


The software-based virtual switches that come standard with most hypervisors are usually basic Layer 2 switches. Since Avalanche produces test traffic from virtual ports tied to a hypervisor virtual switch, the following are some considerations:

  • The VMware vSwitch is not a learning switch, and forwards packets to only one MAC address per virtual port. As a workaround, you can set both the virtual port and the vSwitch to support promiscuous mode, so that all packets are forwarded to all ports. However, this approach may impact performance in larger virtual port configurations, since traffic is being forward to all ports.
  • Instead of the VMware vSwitch, you can use a more sophisticated virtual switch with MAC learning capability in your hypervisor setup. This will allow packets to be forwarded to a single destination.

Product : Virtual,STC Virtual