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How to install a license on an Avalanche Appliance chassis?


The setup is for the Avalanche Appliance chassis only.  If you are using a Spirent TestCenter chassis, you must use the Spirent TestCenter Application to manage your licenses.

To install the license file on an Appliance chassis (e.g. 290, 2900,3100, 3100b):
 - Go to Administration | Licenses
 - Click Add
 - Click Browse - locate the license file provided by Spirent.
 - Enter a name for your license in the Name Your License field, then click OK. The license names appear in the Use this license pull-down menu. Select your license.
 - Click Finish
NOTE:  If you get a license error, you may need to exit the Avalanche Commander and re-launch the application.  Please ensure that you select the correct license from the pull-down menu. 

Product : Appliance,L4-7,Avalanche