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How to configure Avalanche server to ignore ARP?


In the Server Profile window, select "Ignore ARP/NDP requests" (Address Resolution Protocol for IPv4), or to ignore NDP (Neighbor Discovery Protocol) messages (for IPv6).

For IPv6, the server will not send Neighbor Discovery messages, nor respond to Neighbor Solicitation messages it receives.
This option allows an actual server IP address to match the Virtual IP (VIP) address defined on the Server Load Balancer (SLB) and to implement the Direct Server Response (DSR) feature. When an HTTP client sends an HTTP request to the VIP on the SLB, SLB forwards the unmodified request to the actual server defined with the same VIP address. This makes it possible for the HTTP response from the actual server to go directly back to the client address specified in the unmodified HTTP request.

Product : L4-7,IPv6,ICMP,HTTP