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How do I backup my VMS workstation?


Applicable to VMS workstations used as controllers for STR2760 or STR4760/4780 GNSS simulators

Many sites have an IT Department with an existing policy for backing up computer systems. The points below should enhance that policy or can be used to form a policy should one not exist.

Scenario Backups
Perform at regular intervals. The frequency will depend on the amount of new scenarios generated in a given time period. It is recommended to run a backup before the start of a test program. Spirent provide a utility in the Options menu of the SimGEN software to carry out scenario backups

System Image Backups
A complete backup of the system disk. Spirent will have provided a backup tape of the original system setup at the time of delivery. This tape should be kept safe and never overwritten. System Image Backups should be taken before and after a change to the system, e.g. installation of a new software version. It is recommend to perform a monthly system image backup. Instructions can be found in the user manual or by contacting the Spirent Applications Support Team.

Product : SimGEN