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My VMS scenario aborts immediately after starting the run


A scenario can abort for a number of reasons upon initialisation:

  1. The most common is that there are insufficient quotas and privileges assigned to the account in use. This is most common after the installation of a software upgrade where shared memory modules have not been installed correctly. Check the release notes for the requirements of the software. These will also detail how to adjust the account as required.
  2. The other common reason for a scenario to abort upon initialisation is that it cannot communicate with the Signal Generator. Refer to the release notes for the applicable software version to run the IFCONF utility. A further check is to run the Hardware Configuration utility from the Utilities menu of the GPS Software.

If problems still occur, contact Spirent Applications Support. It is helpful to have the following information in these cases:

  • Was the Real Time Control Screen displayed?
  • What messages are in the Message window?
  • Does the problem occur on all scenarios or just one?
  • Brief details of the specific scenario where applicable
  • Is Real Time Remote Control being used?
  • Are there any errors on the Signal Generator LCD?
  • The scenario debug files.

Product : SimGEN