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How can I run a GSS7700 simulator in STR4760 emulation mode?


For backward compatibility reasons it may be desirable for a 7700 (L1/L2 L1/L1 or L1 only) simulator to emulate a 4760 simulator. When a 7700 has been put into 4760 emulation (or legacy) mode it can then run with VMS Workstation software.

  1. To configure the GSS7700 to operate in Legacy 4760 mode you need to send the following command to the unit from the IEEE String send utility1
        TEST LEG4760 1
  2. Then send the command

The unit will then operate as an STR4760 until you power cycle the unit or the command in step 1 is re-sent, replacing the 1 with a 0, i.e. TEST LEG4760 0, followed by the SDC! command.

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