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GSS6700: What is the difference in power level between the front RF port and rear MON/CAL port on a GSS6700?

  • GSS6700
  • The signal on front RF port is exactly the same as that on the MON/CAL port but it has just been attenuated down to the desired GNSS level (an RF event happens a few nanoseconds earlier on the MON/CAL port due the path delay between the two).
  • The power level difference between the RF port and MON/CAL port (known as the RF Offset or RFOF) on a GSS6700 simulator and is set to be between 56 - 59dB.
  • The exact RF Offset value for every unit is measured during manufacturing and stored in it's memory.  This value is used in calibration, to define the target power on the MON/CAL port. 
  • During calibration once the target power level has been achieved on the MON/CAL, by default the front RF power level has also now set to deliver the appropriate GNSS signal level as defined by the software.

For more information about calibration and the RF Offset and how to retrieve the value for your unit, see article SOL10134.

Product : GSS6700