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In REACT, why are users are getting error 252 Connect to hostname 6051 failed.


There is a problem with connecting to the security server.  Log on to the server as hlisys and check to see if the security server is running:
Issue:            ps -ef | grep security | grep -v security
If the above shows security is not running start it by issuing the following:

cd /hekimian/react-2001/system/bin
start_all logicals

If security server is running, attempt to connect to it from the server:
Issue:    telnet localhost 6051
The response should be this:

Connected to loopback.
Escape character is '^]'.
                                                                             < At this point you are connected.  Press return it should reply with message of:
001 5001 5 Message^Syntax^Error

If the connection from localhost works and the message returns as shows above, you have a network related problem, possibly a firewall or DNS issue is preventing the users from connecting to the 6051 port on the server.
You can use tools such as ping and traceroute to see if users can get to host by DNS name or IP Address.  Contact your Network Administrator for more assistance.

Product : REACT