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My GNSS simulator LCD screen displays blank horizontal lines


This article relates to the following GNSS simulator models:

  • STR4730 / 4750 / 4760 / 4780 / 4790
  • GSS7700 / 7730 / 7735 / 7790 / 7800 / 7900

If horizontal lines are displayed on the LCD this indicates a fault that will require replacement of the LCD assembly.

Please contact Spirent Application support describing the LCD appearance. Based on the information provided the support team will either arrange for the simulator to be returned to the Spirent factory for repair or send a replacement LCD assembly (or, in some cases a whole new front panel) for you to replace yourself (with an accompanying procedure that you can follow).

Product : STR4790,STR4780,STR4760,STR4750,STR4730,GSS7790,GSS7700,GSS7800,GSS7900