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How do I bulk load circuits to PMI/Perform or React using TINT?


You will use the Tirks INTerface (TINT) to bulk load ckts to your PMI database.

From the TINT main menu, as tintsys, you will use option #11 to kick off a bulk ckt load jobs. Only CACs are acceptable for use in this process)

11 Process Requests from a List of CACs

Prior to that, you will need to create a CAC list file in /hekimian/tint.

The file will contain 1 CAC per line.

This is likely something you would want to do after hours if TINT gets high usage during the day. Maybe start with CAC files containing about 5000 CACs. By subtracting your start time from your completion time, this will allow you to determine how long the process takes to. You may be able to increases your CAC file sizes. Insure these files are located in /hekimian/tint. Also keep in mind that you may want to be done by the time Collections start at 12 midnight; as you don’t want to overload the box. Your last RRO update is at 17:00. Thus, you would want to kick off your CAC file around 18:00.  Also remember that each request is sent to all 5 regions. You can use option 10 to see the number of requests pending in the request queue.

Once you have your CAC file(s) in place then select option 11 on the menu.

The prompts are pretty much self explanatory but in any case…

Enter CAC file name:                                  (Name of CAC file in /hekimian/tint)
Enter Center name:                                    (just press RETURN for default)
Select a service:                                          (ie: blhltrk)
Enter the delay between ckts fetches      (in Seconds) (5  - 10 seconds should suffice)

Product : TINT,REACT,Perform